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Ripley and Rusty get adopted


Ripley gets lost and finds a cave full of treasure. Rusty and friends save Ripley.

  Is Today the Day?
Ripley's Red Collar

Their Owners use the money to build the Animal Adventure Park.


Rusty can't find a special gift for Ripley.

  Adventure Park
Rusty's Muddy Nose
Rusty's Muddy Nose


Ripley and Rusty spill paint and accidentally create the first map of the Adventure Park.


Minty is adopted.

  Ripley and Rusty Solve a Problem
Ripley and Rusty Spill Paint
Our New Sister Minty


A Million Dreams tells how fun it is to be part of building Ripley and Rusty's world.

  A Million Dreams
Call me Crazy


Toothy is rescued by Ripley and Rusty and joins the Ocean World at the Adventure Park.

  Toothy Joins the Gang
Born with only one Tooth
Saved by Ripley and Rusty


Toothy enjoys helping others who are different like him and playing in the waterslides.


Baby Toothy is introduced in a back story.

  Toothy helping others.
Toothy waterslides
Baby Toothy


Minty's escape plan does not go as planned.


Oreo is rescued and brought to Polar Paradise in the park.


Shadow is rescued and brought to the Jungle park.

  Minty's Escape Plan
Oreo's Stranded Egg
Shadow's Shadow

The Animal Adventure Park prepares to open. A wonderful place for pets to play and learn. It is kind of like a Disneyland for Pets.

  Adventure Park
Places at the Adventure Park

  Grand Opening
Parks in the Park


Toothy runs the Waterslides in Ocean World.


Shadow runs the Jungle ride in Jungle Journey.


Blizzard & Oreo run the Ski Rescue in Polar Paradise.

  Waterslides Adventure
Jungle Journey
Polar Paradise
  Splash screen for Waterslides


Galaxy the space dog runs the Space Voyager park.


Blackberry runs the Farmer's Raceway park.

Space Voyager
Farmer's Raceway


"A Day at the Park" joins the gang as they introduce pets to every friend and each adventure in the park.

A Day in the Park